Posture Perfecter: Back Posture Correcting Brace

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Everyone knows that posture is incredibly important, but it can be very hard to make a habit of it without a little help. With the enormous amount of time we spend sitting while at work or relaxed at home even the most disciplined of us will begin to slouch without even realizing it. The short and long term impact is very harsh. The Posture Perfecter helps brace your back in an optimal position for excellent posture.  The benefits of good posture are numerous, from health to confidence.

Top 5 benefits:

  1. Better Posture: When your spine and back muscles return to a more natural alignment it will help you to stand straighter with correct posture.
  2. Decreased Back Pain Symptoms: When combined with physical therapy, the Posture Perfecter can help you reduce symptoms of chronic back pain and provide much needed relief.
  3. Fits seamlessly under clothes: With the thin structure of the Posture Perfecter you won’t be restricted to wearing it around the house and can instead wear it with most clothes.
  4. Durable & Comfortable: Built with high quality neoprene with a soft liner it holds up to use and offers plenty of comfort while in use.
  5. Fits men & women: It is designed to fit perfectly for both men & women without restriction. Check the sizing chart to find your ideal size.